What is EcoGrady

  • EcoGrady is a revolutionary, patented (EP2732216) low power water heating device that can be easily incorporated during the assembly process of all sizes of OEM hot water cylinders without modification.
  • It’s a simple modular system : the heater pads are adhered to the cylinder surface prior to foaming.
  • When installed the customer will enjoy the benefits of very low cost hot water.
  • There is no need to worry about maintenance : EcoGrady is maintenance free

Key Benefits

  • Works with renewables such as PV or wind producing free hot water.
  • The low power 130W per 50 Litre EcoGrady pad system can be powered by solar PV, Wind or Battery.
  • Will be the most viable solution to mitigate the effects of daily variable or Time of Use (TOU) tariffs
  • Locations/markets with high irradiation levels benefit to an even greater extent.
  • EcoGrady is probably the best replacement and lowest cost alternative to any hot water resistive heating process .

Patented Ladder Heating Technology

  • Each heater pad uses a revolutionary flexible polymer with dual heating sections that are positioned horizontally to make up a “ladder” type formation.
  • This effectively applies heat to the cylinder in horizontal bands.
  • Each band is thermostatically controlled to a maximum of 80°C eliminating legionnaires risk.
  • As water heats, stratification occurs and the bands automatically begin to turn off as the volume of heated water increases and optimum temperature is achieved.
  • This patented method of heating automatically reduces the power consumption as the volume of hot water increases.
  • Once recovery is achieved the system will continue to operate in “low energy” mode, only increasing the energy consumption if required due to hot water usage.


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